If you didn't already, you'll know from now on. YouTube is a thing! It's seriously the social media that has most of my attention nowadays, I LOVE IT!

So I was thinking an thought, why shouldn't I be there with my own channel? My answer were simple...of course I should! So I made it happen.

Do you want to know the best part of it? @ilonadasilva will be available in video from tomorrow, Thursday December 14th!

Details will be shared in tomorrows post, stay tuned xx

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First of all, let's just talk about how quickly this year have passed by! It seriously feels like I've blinked and suddenly we're here. It's already December you guys and who's excited?! I know I am!

Anyway, I thought that I would kick November out by telling you about some beauty products that I've been loving this month. (These are also great gifts for a loved one, promise!)
OK, let's do this then shall we!

I have four lovely beauty products that I want to share with you. Three of them have been repurchased a couple of time, but one is a new fav of mine and that's the one I'll start with.

  1. Rituals - Foaming shower gel. They have this in every serie they have and of course we all have a fav. Mine is their "Rituals of Hammam"-series. So refreshing and uplifting. I love that it starts of as a gel, but in contact with the water on your body it starts foaming. It feels luxurious and amazing. Just like a spa and who doesn't want their shower be like a spa?
  2. The Body Shop - Vitamin C Microdermabrasion. To continue with the shower rutin I'm always been a fan of using exfoliating face products in the shower. It's easier and the pores have open up because of the steam which makes it feel like it's more effective (but don't take my word for it). Why I like this one is because it really exfoliate the face. Some face exfoliators can be a little bit easy on the skin for my taste, so this one tic that "scratchy feeling"-box for me. And if you know me you know that I love the smell of citrus fruits and this one smells just like that.
  3. Elisabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream. A cult product in my life and so many others as well. The first memory I have of this product is from my mom. She's been using this one for YEARS and I remember it always being there on the shelf in our bathroom. It has that "elderly makeup" smell, but I have to admit that I like that. Now when it starts to get a bit colder up here in Scandinavia the Eight Hour Cream is a life saver! This is the cure for dry lips, cuticles - you name it! It works on almost every part of your body. IN LOVE!
  4. Bioterm - Lait Corporel. This body milk is so amazingly light-weight but at the same time so incredibly powerful for dryness. It smell like citrus and as I said above, it kind of a smell I love. It's not just very effective, it also leaves your skin looking and feeling like a million bucks! The glow that you get is so refreshing and I always feel good both on the outside and inside when I've been using this one.

That was my November faves, did you have any special faves this month?
And also - Stay tuned for tomorrows post, because I might be announcing something very exciting! xx



Hi lovies, my name is Ilona and welcome to my blog. This is edition 2.0!
I've been working on a concept for this during a longer period of time and I finally have my solution!

So who am I?

  • Born and raised in Sweden, but I'm proud of my Portuguese roots.
  • Rarely drank coffee before I turn 24, but now I drink at least 2 cup a day. Does that make me a grown up?
  • My family is about the size of Europe (in the sense that I have family all over) and that makes me very happy.
  • Love to be childish and have a hard time being serious for a longer period of time.
  • Words to live by: "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" and "If you snooze you lose"
  • Food is the best thing ever and that is ok.
  • Wine is not really my thing. Beers and gin on the other hand...
  • Singing really loud in the shower is the best there is.
  • Anyone else that is insanely good at procrastinating? Hands up!
  • Studying to become an E-Commerce Manager!

What can you expect on this blog?

  • I will upload everyday at 7AM (07:00) except on Sundays - because those are FUNdays!
  • Topics that will be in focus: Beauty, Food and Travel - but of course, there will be a little bit of everything.
  • Honesty is something that I'm treasuring, so you can always expect that in everything I do.
  • We have conversations on this site (dialogue instead of monologue), simply because it's more fun that way!

Do we have any rules?

I am a high believer in being kind to one another (just like Ellen DeGeneres says in the end of every show), so on this site we have one ground rule that all of us need to follow - and it's so simple!

Always be kind and respect one another, differences is a beautiful thing and we can always learn something from another human being. We are all equals here!



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